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After writing an honest opinion on my personal and private social networking site I have been needlessly harassed by not only the staff of the salon, but the Salon Manager and National Director.I have received several physical and violent threats from members of staff including "were going to get you in the parking lot".

I have had the Salon Manager enter my own place of work and verbally harrass me in front of my Manager and customers. The manager refused to leave my work after my manager told her that it was inappropriate and she was not welcome in our store. The manager then came back half an hour later and verbally harassed me again resulting in my manager having to submit a report to Centre Management an shaving security tell her she is not welcome in our store. I then had the National Director verbally harrass me directly in front of my workplace in view of the public, my customers, my colleaguesand my managers.

The national director threatened to take me to court and sue me for defamation. The national director had to be removed by security. After this experience I am making it my mission to let everyone kow their disgusting and appalling service.

A happy customer will tell 1 of their friends, a pissed customer will tell THOUSANDS!Go to *** salon express!!!

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So happy the rude bottle blonde manager from Albany salon express has gone I would not take my family in there! Unfortunately the stylist told me she was on holiday- wake up salon express management she's rude and driving customers away!!!!

Salon express

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They had me wait a month and a half for their product I finally called and asked what was going on and they said they didn't have the rhinestone kit that's why they didn't send it out.I told them to send the rest of the order and then the rhinestones later when they came in.

two more weeks go by and still nothing I was so mad I called up there to cancel the order.

a couple more weeks go by I think everything is fine but I come to find out they charged my credit card again!!worst costumer service EVER!

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